How We Help Children In Care

The programs offered by Fostering LIFE provide direct support for foster youth to encourage academic achievement and goal setting. We work with foster agencies, volunteers, corporations and other partners to help ease the transition into care for many youth. At-minimum ensuring that every youth have the necessary undergarments, toiletries and basic necessities and access to mentors with a focus on supporting academic success, developing necessary life-skills and empowering young leaders. We provide resources for youth to participate in activities that promote social, emotional, cognitive and leadership development while building character and encouraging kids to be kids!

Our goal is to help make childhood meaningful while creating a support system that creates optimistic futures for youth.

Our Inspiration

Roschanda Fletcher – Founder

After having been raised with foster youth as a kid and later becoming a foster mom to numerous foster kids, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles that youth face once entered into the foster care system — from a lack of clothes and shoes to being stereotyped and labeled with negative connotations for being a “foster child.”  The stats pertaining to the outcomes of youth in care are anything but uplifting. The mere idea of this is disheartening and inspired me to do what I can to help foster youth feel loved, supported and encouraged to beat the statistics and become successful adults.

Fostering LIFE was founded with one goal in mind: to encourage foster youth to dream big and achieve their dreams. I believe that developing educated, self-sufficient leaders is critical to ensuring foster youth success upon transition out of care. These concepts are the pillars to which Fostering LIFE was built.

The Bible says we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength and that God knows the plans he has for us: to give us prosperity, hope, and a future. It is my goal to ensure that every foster child we encounter recognizes their greatness and feels empowered to excel beyond the limitations of their current situation.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.”

– Proverbs 3:5 -6

Board Of Directors & Advisory Board

special thank you to everyone who gives of their time and energy to support our cause

Our Mission

Empowering Foster Youth to Excel in LIFE.

Our Vision

We envision and strive to create a world in which foster youth have the opportunities and support needed to set, pursue, and achieve their desired goals.

Our Priorities

At our core we strive to ensure that all youth thrive in the areas of leadership, independence, faith and education. It is our belief that once a child is equipped with the necessary skills to conquer LIFE then there is limitless possibilities.

Our goal is to ensure that kids of all backgrounds have the resources needed to excel beyond the limitations of their current situations. In order to do this we recognize there are multiple factors that influence a child’s success outcome and we aim to reduce those limiting factors as much as possible by:


  • ensuring that all youth in care have suitable bags for their belongings and basic necessities
  • providing academic support for youth
  • encouraging and supporting the participation of youth in various age-appropriate developmental opportunities
  • promoting confidence, self-empowerment, and self-sufficiency for youth through leadership development and life-skills coaching
  • providing education, training, and support to foster parents and caregivers